Sven Köppe, *15. August 1971 in Chemnitz




The studied lawyer, who is part of the successfull law office Mohr & Köppe, is not just job-related specialized of the focus sport-law. He ist the networker with many contacts in the regional environment (in economy and sport) in the RSV-Management family. The passionated golfer is also the jouristic adviser of the Worldcup winner from 2010 and a contact person for sportive and political panels in sport. For years he works for the German Wheelchair - Sportassociation and the RBBL as an abstractor. Occupational he specialized himself to the districts tenancy law, contract law, sport law and association law. He’s a member of the High-Hessian law-association, the working group sport law, employment  law, tenancy law in the DAV and abstractor oft he Hessian Soccer-Association plus abstractor of the property regulars’ table in Gießen.